Country Chic Ways to Use a Montana Screen Door

CountryLiving magazine is at the forefront of home design and decor for America's finest country homes. We here at Montana Screen Doors wanted to revisit a great article by Michelle Profis- 13 Country Chic Ways to Use Screen Doors! In today's blog, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite ideas Michelle talks about as well as highlight our products that can allow you to bring these ideas to life at your home!

•Match the color of your screen door to your front door


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Expert Tip: For 'Wood Species,' select Poplar. Poplar is straight-grained with medium-to-fine texture, making it an excellent choice for painting!

•Use your screen door as a pantry door


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•Screen doors make a charming entrance to the chicken coop


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•The "Chippendale" pattern screen door 


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Expert Tip: For a look that really POPS, paint your door a contrasting color to the rest of your home. Such as this beautiful example with a white door on a red home!

•Take your screen door off its hinges and adorn it with shabby chic decor


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Expert Tip: At Montana Screen Doors, you can completely customize every door. With that said, you can order this door without screen, so you can later add chicken wire which will make it a perfect canvas to hang pictures. Ordering this door in Fir would be the ideal choice so you can paint it, then distress it for this shabby look!

•Victorian style for an elegant entryway


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•Transform your screen doors into barn style doors


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Expert Tip: Talk to your local carpenter about installing this wood screen door on a sliding track and use our 6" Brass Pull to easily open this door!

•Add some flair to your front door with a tricked out screen door



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Expert Tip: At Montana Screen Doors/, we accept custom designs and will happily accommodate your needs so that we can create the perfect screen door for you! Learn more about submitting custom designs here!


Profis, Michelle. “13 Country Chic Ways to Use Screen Doors.” CountryLiving, Hearst Digital Media, 23 May 2016,

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