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Our Custom Series Screen Doors are simply - Our Best

First we specify and select our wood from our distributor. Then we inspect every board for warp, twist, and color. We mill the straightest boards into "vertical stiles" (the long boards on each side of the door), and cut up the rest into the shorter "horizontal rails".

how your screen door is mademortise and tenon joinery

We mill our "Stiles" and "Rails" from solid wood to 4 1/2" (note our competitors stiles and rails are significantly smaller). We choose these sizes for structural and aesthetic reasons. For our kick rail we glue two pieces together to make a 9" kick. This is a better method than using one 9" solid piece of wood because larger chunks of wood wider than 4 1/2" tend to bow or cup over time.

Our "Tenons" are 2" long. Some of our competitors say, "Ours doors are made using mortise and tenons", but some only use 1/2" long tenons. Our method ensures your door stays together, even if the glue dries out; Mortise and Tenon doors can last hundreds of years.

Decorative Molding. Please note we use two styles of decorative molding on our doors (Swirly as shown) and square stock for our mahogany doors). Most of our competitors do not use decorative molding. This is an expensive option that makes our screen doors stand out from the crowd.


Our Screen Frames are made from standard 5/16" bronze colored "roll form" aluminum. We selected to use metal screen frame inserts for your convenience and style considerations. They can be easily removed or repaired at you local glass shop. You can also have tempered glass storms made to replace the screens. Wood frames cannot be made so small and they look bulky. The decorative trim we use hides most of the frame and outlines the opening.


Our Custom Series screen doors are proportioned right, built rugged, priced right, and beautiful, you cannot get better than that.


Ours vs Theirs

(See Video)

First, I want to say that most of our competitors make very fine screen doors. But there are differences. Most companies, like ours, decide what products we build or sell for reasons of price, quality, and scale of operations.

We manufacture our own screen doors and believe our Custom Series screen doors are the best priced, best quality screen doors that you can buy. Some of our Builder Series screen doors are made for us by another vendor - to specifications that we can stand behind.

Many of our competitors simply have different philosophies. It is very hard to see the differences online, and not side by side. We hope to show you how we make our doors in the photo's to the left. If you are comparing, please ask to see how they build their doors, do not just look at the design or style. We can make any design or style, how they are made is what counts.


Bob Graham

Owner, Screendoors.com

Ours v.s. Theirs

The door on the right is not ours, the one on the left is; one retailer claims theirs has mortise and tenon joinery and solid wood construction to add strength and durability. They say, "Its "1-1/8" x 2-1/2" stile creates a strong framing member." But their door is a "fingerjointed" door. Finger-jointed stiles are made by glueing shorter sections of scrap lumber into longer lumber. Note that standard screen door hardware will not fit properly on any screen door with stiles smaller than 3 1/8".

We do not make our doors this way!

We use solid wood.

They say, "This Screen Door is one of many top quality items in our Screen Doors department," at $55.00? But Grandpa always said,"You get what you pay for."

We say, their screen door, is what it is, and would be a great for our chicken coop.

Our least expensive Budget Series Screen Doors (examples below) are a much better option the door on the left is $144.00, a much better long term value. The style widths are 3 9/16" with a proprietary dowelled joint construction for durability.


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