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Made in Montana - USA



We believe that we have used the best fabrication methods, including hand-crafted mortise and tenon joinery, waterproof glues and hardwood pinning to ensure solid joints that will last a lifetime.

The Guarantee...
These are the doors that Stan makes. His hands are the ones that selected the wood, that fitted the pieces, that cut the panel, that sanded the door and all around made this a "Hand Crafted Masterpiece".



Our Custom Collection Screen Doors are made of solid hardwoods. Standard doors come in either Poplar, Red Oak, or Mahogany. Poplar is more stable than the softer pines and can be stained to match most pine logs or cedar siding. Our custom panels are also made of solid 1/2" thick poplar or red oak.
If you prefer a screen door made of Douglas Fir or Clear Cedar see our Budget Series. Our Builders series is typically made of Ponderosa Pine.


Removable Screens/Storms -- Simply remove your screens using our solid brass Clip System TM. This makes it easy to have your screens repaired or to put in storm inserts. (We do not sell storm inserts, however your local glass shop can provide them for you.) Remove our screens, take them to your glass shop and tell them you want tempered storm panels made to the same specifications as your screens.


Bronze aluminum screen inserts and fiberglass mesh are standard, held in place with brass thumb screws and custom clips. Aluminum inserts are easily repaired or replaced by your local glass shop.

Tempered Storm Panels are optional. Should you elect to purchase or replace them at a later date, your local glass shop can supply or repair these commonly sold storm inserts. Just measure your existing screens and order.(See "Removable Screens/Storms" Above)

Door Hardware is not included as personal tastes vary. We are featuring unique, custom, and traditional screen door hardware for your door in our "Hardware" section.

All doors are sold frame less and must be installed like your exterior door. We suggest that you use a carpenter to install your door.

All Doors are shipped prepaid delivery as indicated on our website


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