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Measuring for your Screen Door

Trimming Specifications: For our Custom Collection, you may trim off up to 1" on each side, 3/8" off the top, and 3/4" off the bottom of your screen door without significantly affecting its structural integrity.

For our Builders and Budget Collections
Rail trimming: 5/8" from top, 1/4" sides, 1-3/4" bottom rails Stile trimming: Any more than 1/4" could expose core stock ( Be Careful - and order only the appropriate door size ! )
Measuring Your Door The most standard size screen door is 36" wide x 81" high. The second most common size screen door is 32' wide x 81" high.Order the door that is the closest size to your door opening. In most cases, your screen door will need to be trimmed to fit the opening. Let's say your exact opening is 35 7/8 wide by 80 1/2 high. The nearest standard size screen door is our 36" x 81". The next proceedure is to check our "Trimming Specifications". Check to see if it is possible to trim 1/8" off the width, and 1/2" off the height. Answer: It is! Now If you wish, we charge $15 to trim your door to that size. However, we recommend that you trim your screen door on site as your opening is most likely out of square or will need additional trimming anyway. Remember once trimmed, you may not return your door any reason. (See our "warranty")

Note: In most all cases your screen door hinges mount to the exterior trim not the jamb.
The small reveal of the jamb acts as the stop for you door.

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