Customer Feedback


"People are always willing to tell a company when they do something wrong, but rarely do we hear from our customers when we get it right.  Well, let me share with you that my wife and I could not be more pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of our new Montana Screen Door.  We had been planning for some time to build a large screened in porch on the back of our home.  My wife’s one request was “no cheapo Home Depot door”.  After searching online for a while, I came across your company and was very impressed with your web site.  The ease of use and selection was terrific.  Well, she certainly got what she wanted, and your screen doors are clearly not “cheapo” doors.  They are built with meticulous thoughtfulness and detail and clearly worth the investment.  Attached are a few photos of the finished product.  Again, we could not be more pleased with the quality of the build, the communication from your company and the overall knowledge that we have a door built as well as the screen porch itself.  We will enjoy this for many years to come."

        -Gene H. (Birmingham, AL)



"Hi Wade, Here is the finished install of our screen door.  We are very happy with how it looks. We enjoyed working with you."

        -Ed C. (Melbourne Beach, FL)



"LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!"

        -Jenn Y. (Nantucket, MA)



"We really love it!!!"

        -Lynda F. (North Branch, MN)



"Love it! It is fabulous."

        -Monica M. (Lafayette, LA)



"The door is beautiful. Really perfect in every way and the dogs love it."

        -Caesar L. (Silver Spring, MD)



"We really like our screen door, excellent construction and great service."

        -John S. (Savannah, GA)



"LOVE our doors! THANK YOU!

        -Lois B. (Reinholds, PA)



"Here’s our 8 foot screen door. Love it!!"

        -Sharon D. (Covert, MI)


bellevue-stained-customerphoto.png"Wade we ❤️our front screen door, thank you again!"

        -Dillon M. (St. Paul, MN)



"I tried to make my three season porch look like Italy and your door, the best ever, plays a pivotal role in that overall theme... The thing I like about this all wood, nicely weighted door, is that I use a door spring with it and so the sound of it opening, and hearing the spring stretch, and when it closes, and hearing that 'crack' of the door hitting the frame, is so very satisfying---reminding me as it does of my long gone youth when such doors were common place and such sounds were part of growing up."

        - Thomas Z. (Chicago, IL)



"Here is a photo of our screen door-we love it!"

        -Karlotta I. (Burlington, VT)



 "I love them. Thanks for your amazing product."

        -Clay W. (Cave Creek, AZ)



"I finally moved into my new home and I love it! I spend a great deal of time on my screen porch... I am very happy with the quality and design."

        - Monika H. (Jacksonville Beach, FL)



"Here's a photo of our wonderful screen door."

        - Steve W. (Kalispell, MT)



"Thanks to an amazing contractor (Marc Weideman, Bozeman) our screen door is in place and looks fabulous. He had to do some serious custom craftmanship to build a jamb that would attach to our modern metal door. It is perfect."

        -Lora V. & Mark S. (Bozeman, MT)



"Love the door! ...Need to order one for the back!"

        -Gina O. (Braintree, MA)



"Happy to send along a picture. The door looks great & fits perfectly."

        - Julie H. (Slidell, LA)


 bellevue-customerphoto1.jpg     bellevue-customerphoto2.jpg

"I love the doors!"

        -Daniel T. (Bigfork, MT)



"Very pleased with your product, quality, price, and shipping. Thank you!"

        -Glenn M. (Yonkers, NY)



"We love it!"

        -Barbara T. (Whitefish, MT)



"This is Dave with D&D Custom cleaning services, I am the one that recommended to Lisa and installed the door from your company. The door is great,  I made our little adjusts because of the traffic through our kitchen  here at the country club. We put a metal kick plate on inside and outside to protect the screening. We could not be happier and we will continue to use your company going forward and recommend you to our contractors and suppliers along with our customers. Thank you."     

        - David B. (Jamison, PA)


"We are very pleased with how nice the screen doors are!  We will likely have another order for a porch screen door - probably next Spring."

        -Alexandra S. (Hanover, MA)


"Thanks again! Love the door! This is our 5th door from Old Goats [Montana Screen Doors] since 2002 on 3 different homes. Other 4 still holding well in Yuma, AZ where it hits 115 degrees regularly. This one is in the mountains in Flagstaff where we get over 100 inches of snow in winter and see 20 below at times. Like most true quality products, with Old Goats [Montana Screen Doors] you get what you pay for."

        - Mark S.


"Thank you so much and thank the carpenter please. I'll follow all recommendations and have her hung up ASAP. I'll always enjoy seeing her and I know she'll get lots of compliments. Quality is important to me and your product is exactly that."

        - Christy


"We got our doors on schedule and we LOVE them!....Great workmanship……Just wanted to say thanks for a great product made here in the USA!"

        - Shane L.


"Hello there, I am just writing to tell you that after 9 years my screen door is still absolutely beautiful. I was on your site because I couldn't remember what I used for a finish and it is time to sand or steel wool a few spots and refinish them on the door. I found the information easily and now I am ready to go to work. Thanks again for the beautiful door. It has been on year-round in the Wisconsin weather and has no sign of being replaced for years to come."

        - Jean


"The door is beautiful and am very happy with it! Thank you for taking care of me and providing a top-quality product!  Please let your carpenter know his work is excellent, well liked and much appreciated!"

        - David


"We couldn't be happier with the door! My husband (who was a contractor and is now a building inspector) is beyond delighted with the craftsmanship, quality and even the clever design to integrate the grille that we wanted with the pet door and screen. Thank you so much for your help and the quality product! Thanks!"

        - Candy


"You do great work! I'm very happy and have started to paint it, which is a shame to cover the nice wood. It smells great. You can't get this kind of quality at Home Cheapo. I'm very happy with my purchase and I wanted to pass that on. Usually companies just get complaints as responses so, here ya go. Thank you very much."

        - John T.


"Would like to thank you for providing a top-notch quality screen door. I am very impressed with the quality and I wish to thank you and the guys in the shop for the manufacture of quality products. Thank you again."

        - Gary (Indiana)


"We just put the finishing touches on our new screen door and wanted you to know that we love it. It's just not possible to purchase [a] quality screen door in our area. I was particularly impressed with the quality and workmanship put into its construction. We know we will enjoy the door for years to come. If anybody asks where we found it, we'll gladly refer them to Old Goats [Montana Screen Doors]!"

        - Paul & Barbara


"What a beautiful piece of work."

        - Bernie


"It's absolutely AWESOME! Thanks for such wonderful Craftsmanship. It's nice to see there are still Master Craftsmen who obviously take great pride in their work. It shows in every detail. Thanks again."

        - Mike


"We unpacked the doors today and they are beautiful and so well made! We'll be installing them this week and are very happy with them. Thanks so much."

        - Faith


"We love the screen door we bought last year for our kitchen door so much that we decided to put another on our front door. Yours are the most beautiful and sturdy around; a real asset to our home. Thanks again."

        - Lindsey


"We have installed our three custom cedar screen doors on our deck and are very pleased. We just want you to know that they are beautiful and your service was exactly as you predicted. Thank you. We have told all admirers where we got them"

        - Linda and Patrick (Colorado Springs, CO)

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