How to Install

Congratulations! You're now the proud owner of a beautiful custom screen door. You've put so much work into choosing the right door for your home, now let's make sure it's installed properly.

Before installing your screen door, please read our guide on receiving your order. We highly recommend hiring a professional carpenter to complete the installation.

Step 1:

Make arrangements with your carpenter to install your door before you receive it. By doing so, you'll insure a prompt and proper installation in accordance with our warranty

Our doors arrive to you unfinished so they'll need to be stored properly until they can be sealed. We recommend storing your door in a warm, moisture-free environment to prevent warpage/splitting. Do not store it in a garage or anywhere moisture can absorb into the wood.

Step 2:

We recommend dry-fitting your door before installing the hardware to check fitment. Place your screen door into the opening where you want your door to be installed. Check for gaps using cedar shims. A proper fit would allow for a 1/8" - 3/16" gap all around the door. This allows for the hinges, lockset and natural movement associated with all wood doors.

You can now install your screen door with hardware you have purchased from us (or your own hardware). Open and close the door a few times to check for tight areas that may need to be trimmed. Once your happy with the fitment, uninstall the door and proceed to finishing.

If your door doesn't fit properly "out of the box", some trimming will be required. Arrange for your carpenter to trim and install your hardware. We recommending trimming before the door is finished to eliminate the need to repair the finish later on.

If your wood screen door does not fit properly "out of the box", some trimming will be required. Arrange for your carpenter to trim and install your hardware before finishing. 

Please refer to the chart below for trimming specifications.


Note:  Trimming beyond the specified trim depths will compromise the structural integrity of the door and violates our warranty.  

Step 3:

Check out our finishing instructions for details on how to finish your wooden screen door!

Remember to please finish and seal your screen door within 15 days of receipt in accordance with our finishing instructions.