Door Specifications

Door Specifications

We decided years ago that we wanted to build the finest handcrafted screen doors available. They needed to be made of natural wood with wide stiles and rails. They needed to be well crafted, strong, and be available in both traditional and creative designs. With our Premium and Select Series doors, we feel that we’ve achieved our goal.

Premium Series

Our Premium Series doors are simply the best. They boast a beautiful decorative trim to the exterior. They are made from 4 ½” wide stiles and a 9" bottom rail. All our doors are fabricated at a standard 1-1/8" thick. Our Premium Series doors are offered in a variety of wood species: Poplar, Pine, Sapele Mahogany, and Douglas Fir. Removeable screen inserts come in your choice of white or bronze (brown) frame and are held in place with custom metal clips.


Select Series

Our Select Series doors are made to last as well with a rolled trim for a sleek look. This Series uses slightly narrower stiles, measuring 3-¼” wide and a 6-1/2" bottom rail height. This is also a solid wood door at 1-1/8" thick. Removeable screen inserts come in your choice of white or bronze (brown) frame and are held in place with sturdy clear plastic clips.



Expertly Sourced Materials

All of our screen doors are built using solid hardwood lumber. We offer our Premium Series doors in your choice of Poplar, Pine, Red Oak, and Sapele Mahogany. Our Select Series doors can be purchased in Poplar, Pine, Sapele Mahogany, and Douglas Fir.

Poplar is cost effective, stable, and accepts both stain and paint well. White Pine is a construction staple due to it's even grain pattern that paints and stains well with good stability. Sapele Mahogany is perfect if you want a door that can last for centuries in all weather conditions. We recommend Sapele for those that live close to the coastline or any type of harsh climate with a lot of moisture, intense sun, or salty air. Douglas Fir is a great choice for both painting and staining your door and has a great tolerance to moisture as well as sun if finished properly. 




Upon receiving your new custom screen door, it will be in its raw wooden state, sanded, and ready to paint or stain. While other manufactures may offer their products finished, we refuse to send anything out our door if there's a chance you won't be fully satisfied. There is simply too wide a variance between colors/stains for us to guarantee a perfect match, even if it's the same brand of stain or paint bought from the hardware store. Secondly, with nearly all of our screen doors being custom made-to-order, we do not prep for hardware on our end. In case your door needs to be trimmed down on site to ensure a perfect fit, this could ruin any preexisting stain, paint, or preparations made for hardware. Also, to make sure your door and hardware ship safely, these items will be shipped in separate boxes. 

To ensure your door lasts for many years to come, read our finishing instructions to learn how to properly finish your door.


Select Series Door Features

 Premium Series Door Features