Get the Look You Want

May 3rd 2023

There are many ways to finish your Montana Screen Door. In our experience, certain species endure better under specific conditions. In order to get the look that you want in a screen door that will … read more

Super Screen Is Super!

Apr 11th 2023

Fiberglass screen is the most common type of screening material used, however polyester screen is becoming more common for many reasons. There are three main factors that might make you change your … read more

Mahogany...More Than Just a Beautiful Wood

Feb 27th 2023

At Montana Screen Doors, we offer many types of lumber for your Premium screen doors. Mahogany offers a rich color, stains beautifully, and enhances the look of your door or porch. The grain patter … read more

New Year, New Look for Your Home

Posted by Angie Puls on Feb 6th 2023

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about home improvements for the Spring. It will help take your mind off the cold weather and snow (if you have any) as you consider the best look to set of … read more