Can you make custom size screen doors?

Yes, custom size screen doors are our specialty! Simply enter your custom measurements in the "Custom Dimensions & Special Instructions" text box on the door you have selected. We can build custom sizes up to 42" wide and 96" tall to meet your specific requirements.  If you need your door built to an exact fraction, simply select the nearest whole number from the width and height dropdown and the fractional measurements in the "Custom Dimensions & Special Instructions" text box on the door you have selected. 



Do you make screen doors for French Doors?

Yes! Just add two doors to your cart. We also have a wood astragal available in every lumber species we use to make our doors. Simply add to your cart if desired. An astragal is a strip of wood that stops one door from swinging past the other. 



Are your screen doors handed? 

No, you can hinge our doors on either side. We do not mortise so that you/your contractor can install according to your needs.

However, a few select styles of hinges we offer are "handed" and require you to specify the handing of your doorway. You can use the chart below to find the handing of an existing door or to determine what you want.



How thick are your doors?

All of our wood screen doors are 1-1/8" (1.125) thick.


What is your screen made of? 

We use charcoal-colored fiberglass mesh in all of our screen doors. You can order any door with our standard fiberglass screen at no additional charge, or choose to upgrade to the Fiberglass Plus or Super Screen instead. The screen mesh is 18 x 16.

Fiberglass Plus is a tighter mesh to restrict even more pests. The screen mesh is 20 x 20.

Super Screen is three times stronger than fiberglass mesh. It is UV-, pet-, hail-, and wind-resistant, and comes with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. The screen mesh is 17 x 14.


Can you make a screen door with a dog / pet door?

Yes! We offer the Pet Door in both the Premium and Select Series! We also have a Beagle Pet Door with a Beagle panel, but contact us and we could make an insert with your breed of choice instead!

Can you make porch screens?

Yes, we do porch screens for your screened in porch! One option is to design your porch around doors connected together in a pre-planned configuration. The more traditional way is to order custom size screen doors to fit your opening(s). 



What kind of wood do you use?

We take great pride in sourcing only the highest quality wood species from reputable sources who care about the environment like we do.

Select Series and Premium Series doors are available in Poplar, Pine, Red Oak, Sapele Mahogany & Douglas Fir.

To learn more about the various wood species we offer, our Wood Screen Doors information can help you select the right wood for your door.


Does the screen door come stained / painted / varnished?

We do not offer any of our doors stained, painted, primed, or varnished.

All doors are shipped from our factory raw and ready to be finished. Whether you are choosing to stain or paint your door, keep in mind that some wood varieties accept these finishes better than others. 

Poplar and Pine are the most paintable options. However, we use stain-grade wood for all of our doors meaning any wood option can be painted. As for staining, Red Oak, and Mahogany are stellar options, as is the Douglas Fir. 

For more information on finishing, please review our finishing instructions.


Do your screen doors come with storm panels? 

Our screen doors can and do accommodate storm panels. However, our doors are sold with screens only. We do not provide storm panels.

If you want storm panels, there are a few options open to you. When you receive our screen doors, remove the screen inserts, take them to your local glass shop, and tell them you would like tempered storm panels made the same size as the screens. This way you can be assured the storm inserts will be the right size and the frame will fit our screen doors. 

Another option is that our sister company can provide storm panels for your Montana Screen Door. Reach out to the Storm Door Product Specialist at Adams Architectural Millwork at info@adamsarch.com to request a quote for tempered glass storm panels.


Do you work with builders and contractors?

Yes! We love working with contractors, so don't hesitate to see why builders and contractors around the country choose Montana Screen Doors and give us a call to find out more about our Trade Program.


Can you ship to Canada?

Yes! We have the capabilities to ship screen doors to your residence or business in Canada. In order to get you the best shipping quote, please call so we can talk though various shipping options. 


What is the Montana Screen Doors / Screendoors.com warranty? 

Montana Screen Doors wants our customers happy and satisfied and stand behind our products. Your custom screen door is built to last! We only use the finest hardwoods and products and build them the old-fashioned way- by hand, using time-honored techniques. Our door builders are highly skilled and take pride in each and every door they make and ship them to you with our patented packaging to insure its safe arrival. As discussed in our shipping, receiving and finishing tabs, you will find all the information you need to properly install and maintain your door for years to come.

However, because our products may be exposed to exterior conditions, they will experience normal wear and tear associated with finished exterior wooden products and hardware. Your door is made with solid wood and sent to you unfinished to allow you to finish it to perfectly match and become a focal point of your home. To insure its beauty, it is your responsibility to follow through with the recommended wood choices for your location and/or application and our guidelines for storing, installing and finishing. Even with our most diligent care in wood selection and workmanship and your attention to detail in all aspects of receiving and finishing, natural wood materials can falter. Montana Screen Doors guarantees our materials and craftsmanship against any defects (warping and joint failure) for 2 years. If a problem occurs you must submit proof of purchase and photos to us. Our service team will evaluate the product and determine whether or not a replacement or repair is necessary. 

Please review our entire warranty for complete information.