Why Montana Screen Doors

A Cut Above the Rest

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Every door that leaves our shop is completely handmade by our expert craftsmen in Dubuque, Iowa. In order to achieve the highest level of quality, our door makers hand select every piece of wood, delicately fit each piece, cut every panel, and sand each and every door to ensure all steps of the process are “handmade.”  


Competitively Priced

While using the highest quality materials and hand making every door, we offer a wide variety of doors to fit any price range. A handcrafted work of art like a Montana Screen Door is an investment, and with any sound investment, you want to ensure it offers a great return beyond its purchase price. The added value this door will bring to your home includes energy efficiency, keeping pests out, added security, and being able to listen to the sounds of nature from inside your home. At Montana Screen Doors, we believe every home should be able to let the outdoors in. 


Completely Customizable

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At Montana Screen Doors / Screendoors.com, we have a “yes we can” attitude because first and foremost, we want to make our customers happy. If you have a design or an idea in mind, please let us know and we will do our best to make your dream door a reality. See our Custom Screen Doors page to learn more about how Montana Screen Doors can make the perfect door for you!

To see a real customer’s vision for a door come to life, check out the one-of-a-kind Unique Forest door, shown here:

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Built to Endure

Old-fashioned wooden screen doors are becoming harder to come by these days. Giant manufacturers are stamping out thousands of doors each year, making real solid wood doors a rarity in most homes. However, a real wood door from Montana Screen Doors offers something the big box retailers will never be able to, and that is a hand-crafted product custom-built to your specifications that will last a lifetime. 


A Screen Door for Every Home

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There truly is no place like home. It is where you start and end your day, raise a family, and make memories to last a lifetime. Your home provides a precious roof over your head to protect your loved ones, and your door keeps everything inside safe and secure to provide piece of mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a New England cottage overlooking the shores of Cape Cod, living in the concrete jungle of Chicago, nestled in the hills of Southern California, or anywhere in between, a Montana Screen Door is a great addition to any home. With over 60 styles to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect door for your home. We offer Farmhouse, Craftsman, Victorian, Traditional, and other uniquely designed screen doors, so every house can find the perfect Montana Screen Door for their home!


Five Reason to Own a Screen Door

1.) Keep Pests & Debris Outside

Having a quality screen door allows you to keep your front door open without worrying about bugs or leaves getting into your home. We offer 3 screen choices so that you can custom tailor your door to provide maximum protection against unwanted guests.

2.) Let Nature Work for You 

Screen doors are an excellent way to keep your home cool during the summer months. Cool breezes from the outside pass easily through the screen and help provide well-needed circulation. It can leave your house several degrees cooler, which can reduce your dependence on AC and help save you money. Screen doors also allow natural light into your home, lessening the need to turn lights on in certain rooms during the day.

3.) Protect Your Investment

Installing a screen door provides your expensive front door with a protective barrier from the harsh elements, keeping your front door looking new for years to come. It also helps to reduce extra maintenance on your entry door by keeping the elements at bay.

4.) Curb Appeal

Why look like everyone one else on the block? A custom screen door from Montana Screen Doors / Screendoors.com turns the front of any home into the talking point of the whole neighborhood. Just be prepared to answer a lot of questions!

5.) Sustainably Sourced

We are committed to protecting our Earth's natural resources by selecting hardwoods that are sustainably grown and milled. Many of our lumber suppliers are SFI certified, meaning that the wood is sourced from sustainable forests in an effort to do as little damage to the environment as possible. You can feel peace of mind knowing that your custom screen door is made to enjoy, and protect, nature.

Read more about SFI.