Wood Screen Doors


Every door we make is used with sustainably-sourced solid pieces of wood. You will not see our doors made of particle board or other wood substitutes. Instead, we hand-select every piece of wood that comes into our shop, so we can provide you the highest quality wood screen door, built the old fashioned way!


Standard Series

Our Standard Series is an economical collection of strong, beautiful, and affordable screen doors. These doors come in your choice of either Douglas Fir or Red Cedar

Douglas Fir


"One of the most striking and truly graceful objects in nature" is what botanist David Douglas himself had to say about this beautiful wood species. Widely found in our country's Northern states, the Douglas Fir is seen in many yards and parks, as well as being used as a Christmas tree for most of the nation. 

Douglas Fir is an ideal choice if you plan on painting your door. 


Red Cedar 

cedar-notxt.pngA very strong wood species, the Red Cedar has a brilliant tolerance to heat, salt, and inclement weather conditions. While it is a tough species, it has a fruity aromatic scent providing hints of crushed fruit. 

Red Cedar beautifully absorbs stains and varnishes. 




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Premium Series

These one of a kind wood screen doors are made to the absolute highest quality. The top-shelf woods available for these doors are Poplar, Red Oak, and Sapele Mahogany



Poplar is one of the most beloved utility hardwoods in the country. Widely used for high-end furniture, this fine hardwood is a favorite for a variety of uses and is characterized by its off-white to yellowish brown streaks. 

Poplar is an excellent wood if you plan to paint your door.    




Red Oak


Forestry scholar, Joseph S. Illick, deemed the Red Oak as "one of the handsomest, cleanest, and stateliest trees in North America." The Red Oak is the state tree of New Jersey and is known for its adaptability, hardiness, and usefulness to wildlife. 

Red Oak is a great selection if you choose to stain or varnish your door. 



  Sapele Mahogany


From furniture to boat building, Mahogany is widely used for many luxury products in the United States. Comprised of reddish brown hues, the appearance of a quality piece of Mahogany is unmistakeable. Mahogany is also highly prized for its durability against salt water and harsh climates, making it an excellent choice for those who live near the ocean.

Mahogany is one of the best woods you can use for staining. 



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