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Ours Vs Theirs

Please view this video to see the difference between a screen door purchased at a "Big Box" store and one of ours - the difference is striking.



About Quality Screen Doors

Hi, I’m Bob Graham, the owner of screendoors.com. I’ve been building screen doors for 21 years and my company builds some of the best screen doors one can buy. I’m getting ready to retire and I want to leave this video for all you homeowners and builders out there who are looking to buy a good quality screen door. First a little commentary. It’s sad that the quality of screen doors is diminishing. The ads I see from the big box stores and all the new internet home showroom distributors have screen doors at LOW, unbelievable prices.

Well folks, you will get what you pay for if you decide to buy a screen door from one of these outfits. Please realize most are so poorly made I’d be hard pressed to use them for firewood. The joints are sloppy and the joinery is stapled (sometimes not even glued) and the tenon’s are microscopic.

Don’t believe me? I took a big box store tour and posted a video of a door I found at one of these box stores. You can find it on our website. But it’s not the box stores that bother me. We all know they have low priced and low quality wood products. It’s these new online marketers that bother me. They prey on low quality/ usually foreign manufacturers to distribute their poorly made screen doors.

So who should you buy screen doors from? Well, we are proud of our quality and it should  be obvious that we think you should buy from us. But there are other good quality, even great quality online screen door manufacturers.

Here is my favorite call John Otterbein, Owner of woodenscreendoors.com. He is up in Maine. He seems to care about his quality and he has some fun, similar designs like ours. 

Here is a list! I’ve looked at and read their websites. Their product quality looks good and if they have a design you like or we are too buy to accommodate your needs give them a call. (Note we are the only company that has a secure site, https://. Try your best to resist buying from any company not on this recommended list. I’ll not say why except to say they have not met the standards of high quality woodworking and it’s my job to know the competition, trust me.














Poor or Marginal Quality (In our opinion):

Home Depot


Screen Tight

Coppa Woodworking


Do not buy from these re-marketers, their prices are great but the quality of screen doors they are currently selling is awful:






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