Choosing the Right Screen for Your Montana Screen Door

Posted by Ty Bailey on Apr 2nd 2024

Choosing the Right Screen for Your Montana Screen Door

Choosing the perfect screen for your custom screen door: Fiberglass, Fiberglass Plus, or Super Screen? Today, let's explore which option fits your requirements best!

Before placing your screen order, it's important to understand the measurement terminology. For instance, our Fiberglass screen is labeled as 18x16, signifying 18 vertical and 16 horizontal squares per square inch.

  1. Fiberglass Mesh:
    • 18x16 black fiberglass screen
    • Ideal for: Offering a balance of affordability and functionality, fiberglass mesh is suitable for various residential applications.
    • Advantages: Providing effective insect protection while allowing decent visibility and airflow, fiberglass mesh is a versatile choice for windows, doors, and screened-in porches.
  2. Fiberglass Plus (No See Um Mesh):
    • 20x20 black fiberglass screen
    • Perfect for: Specifically designed for Southern regions, Fiberglass Plus, also known as "No See Um" mesh, excels at keeping out tiny insects.
    • Advantages: Beyond insect control, its fine construction maintains excellent visibility and airflow, making it optimal for porch enclosures and patios.
  3. SuperScreen:
    • 17x14 black fiberglass screen
    • Tailored for: Known for its exceptional durability, SuperScreen is ideal for high-traffic areas and situations where strength is paramount.
    • Advantages: With superior strength and tear resistance, SuperScreen offers long-lasting protection against pests and elements, ensuring peace of mind for years to come.
    • Ideal for: Households with children and pets.

These screens are held in place by your choice of a bronze or white colored aluminum frame, rolled in place with spline. This will allow you to easily remove the screen frame to paint/ stain your door, or replace the screen if it ever becomes damaged.

To get a visual representation of each screen, check out the image and video comparison below: