5 Unique Ways to Style Your Home in 2021

5 Unique Ways to Style Your Home in 2021

Jan 6th 2021

With 2020 coming to a seemingly abrupt end, and 2021 beginning, it's time to close the last chapter and look forward. One great way to do this is to spice up your living space. After constant stay-at-home orders over the last year, you might be getting tired of seeing the same things in your home everyday. Here are a list of 5 creative ways to spruce up your home and make it a brighter place to be. We hope you all are looking forward to the New Year as much as we are, and we are wishing you a healthy and happy 2021.

1. Pantry Screen Door

An extremely charming and inviting way to make your pantry door easily accessible and stand out is to add a screen door and paint or stain it any way you want. Check out an earlier blog post where we go more in depth with this style.

To get a similar look to this one, we recommend our Three Planks Standard Series Screen Door.

2. Nursery Door

Adding a screen door to your nursery is a practical, and charming way to add a barrier to the room, but keep an eye on your little one.

For a similar look, check out our Bellevue Premium Series Screen Door.

3. Garden Gateway

When spring comes back around and it’s time to head back to gardening, think about adding a custom screen door addition to your gate to make the entrance rustic and farmhouse-inspired.

If you like this look, check out our Double Rail Standard Series Screen Door.

4. Cabinet Screen Door

A great alternative to a walk in pantry, this cabinet can double as a stand alone pantry to carry all of your canned food goods and gives the cabinet a perfect farmhouse look.

We would recommend checking out our Midlothian Premium Series Screen Door.

5. Sliding Wood Screen Door

An amazing way to spruce up an entryway in your home is to add a sliding screen door. This allows for versatility and function as well as adding character to the room that it’s in. One of our customers used the Montana-inspired Three Trees Standard Series door to achieve this look, but we also recommend checking out other collections to find the perfect look for your home.