Aluminum Screen Doors You'll Love

Aluminum Screen Doors You'll Love

Posted by Wade Mobley on Nov 2nd 2021

We are proud to carry PCA Products' high quality aluminum screen doors! The quality of these doors are fantastic, and are a great compliment to our handmade wooden screen doors for customer's looking for a different material. With all of the aluminum doors made in the USA, you know the quality is top notch. These doors can hold up to 740 pounds without seeing any twisting, bending, or warping. 

These doors are completely customizable too! You have the choice of six different powder coat colors: White, Ivory, Sandstone, Clay, Black and Bronze. In addition to color, you can choose the screen type, kick plate height, and of course the size. You can purchase standard sizes directly from our website, and for custom sizes, please email or call 800-404-8279 for a quote! 

One of my favorite features of these aluminum doors is the universal installation kit. This means the door can be installed left or right and in-swing or out-swing. This installation kit with hardware is included with every door, so you do not need to purchase anything else to fully operate your new door. 

You can view our aluminum screen doors here, and please reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with your order!