Meeting Our Customers

Last month, we had the privilege to meet our very first customers since we acquired this business! They were an incredibly sweet and charismatic couple from Canada who drove down to pick up their new custom screen door and hardware. While in town, they got to enjoy all the spoils that Whitefish has to offer in the winter. After a few days of hitting the slopes on picturesque “bluebird” days, they stopped by our workshop to pick up their new entryway.

I accompanied Reid who personally helped them find the perfect hardware to match their door for their newly renovated home in downtown Calgary. After they picked out their new lockset and matching hinges, we were fortunate to snag a quick picture of the couple and their beloved door before making the trek back to the Great White North.

This experience truly was amazing. We love working with our customers throughout the entire ordering process, so being able to see their reaction when they picked up their door was priceless. With that said, whether you live close to our neck of the woods, or are on the other side of the country, we are excited to work with you to find the perfect new entrance to your home!