Our Furry Friends Love the Pet Door!

Blue skies, crisp air, and being able to meet more customers made for a glorious Tuesday afternoon at the Montana Screen Doors workshop! It was a great day meeting these two women, and their adorable dogs as they traveled up from Missoula to pick up their new Premium Trout and Premium Pet Screen Doors. They made the beautiful drive up through the Flathead Valley on a gorgeous day, and it was great talking about fly fishing and skiing before they ventured back south. 

While every door we make and every customer we deal with is very special, I want to talk about a special situation that occurred with this order. Before they called, we only offered the Trout door in the Standard Series, but they asked for it in Oak (one of our Premium Series woods). We were happy to accommodate this request and now we are excited to announce the Premium Series Trout to our Nature Collection! 

Their other door, the Pet Door, put a smile on their face, but also excited their Pomeranians who just got a brand new front door! That was a great day here at Montana Screen Doors, and we are excited to work with you next!