Screen Door on a Baby's Room

Screen Door on a Baby's Room

Posted by Wade Mobley on Jun 20th 2019

We recently read a blog on titled, "5 Reasons Why You Need a Screen Door on Your Baby's Room." We wanted to share this article with our readers because we could not agree more with this application for one of our custom screen doors! I have personally spoken with customers who have used our doors for a pantry door, a door for a room where they keep their pet, but for a baby's room is certainly another brilliant idea. The 5 reasons why you need a screen door on your baby's room are below:

1.) To keep animals out, but still see and hear well

2.) To allow for air to flow through the room

3.) It's cute!

4.) Allows visitors to see the nursery without keeping the door shut

5.) The love of the screech and slam of a screen door

These are all great reasons to use a screen door for your baby's room. With our wooden screen doors, you can paint or stain the door however you like to match the nursery! The possibilities of our doors are endless, so shop today and let us know how you plan to use your custom Montana Screen Door!