Which Screen Is Right for My Wooden Screen Door?

Apr 28th 2022

Which Screen Is Right for My Wooden Screen Door?

Fiberglass, Fiberglass Plus, Super Screen... Which is right for your new custom screen door? The purpose of today's blog is to discover which screen will best suit your needs!

When ordering screen, it's best to first explain the terminology of measuring screens. For example, our Fiberglass screen is 18x16. The first number indicates the number of small squares (openings) vertically per square inch, and 16 squares horizontally per square inch.

The first option that comes standard on all doors is our Fiberglass screen. This black mesh screen is one of the most commonly used screens for screened in porches and screen doors. It offers excellent visibility and enough strength to withstand daily use. As stated above, this is a 18x16 screen, meaning it will offer great airflow and visibility.

The next choice is Fiberglass Plus. This 20x20 black fiberglass screen is highly recommended for folks who have wooden screen doors in buggy areas, and keeping out bugs and insects is a top priority. Also called No-See-Um Screen because it keeps out those pesky no-see-um bugs, this screen will help keep you cool and bug free!

One of the most popular options is our Super Screen. This 17x14 black fiberglass screen is the screen of choice for folks who have kids or pets at home. This screen is incredibly strong, and does not sacrifice the view or airflow! 

These screens are held in place by your choice of a bronze or white colored aluminum frame, rolled in place with spline. This will allow you to easily remove the screen frame to paint/ stain your door, or replace the screen if it ever becomes damaged. 

To get a visual representation of each screen, check out the image comparison below:

If you have any questions, please call 800-404-8279 or email us at sales@screendoors.com.