You're Only Limited by Your Imagination

At Montana Screen Doors, when we advertise "custom screen doors", we mean it! Recently, we had the pleasure of tackling a unique challenge for a customer near Cape Cod of building coastal themed screen doors. This customer loved the look of our Premium Series Salmon screen door, but wanted something more tailored to his region of the Northeast. Thus, the crab and starfish door idea was born! Delighted to hear the excitement from this customer, we immediately began sending pictures back and forth of crab and starfish designs to create the perfect screen door that he envisioned.  

After deciding on a design and working with our skilled craftsman to perfect the cutouts, we began construction on our first ever coastal themed screen doors. In the end, the result was something astounding! Built from the finest Sapelee Mahogany, these two doors are a thing of beauty, and we can't wait for them to make their way from Montana to Connecticut. 

Whether you are looking for a trout or a crab, or have an idea in mind to completely transform your home's entrance, we are here to work with you! Simply give us a call or email us at to begin a conversation of how we can build the perfect wood screen door for your home.