How to Paint Your Screen Door

Jan 22nd 2021

How to Paint Your Screen Door

Having a wood screen door at the entrance of your home is an instant classic. It makes your exterior look welcoming and put together, but to help your custom screen door stand out amongst all the others in the neighborhood, you might be interested in painting it! Painting a wooden screen door can protect the wood from harsh elements and can tie your home together. There is a little preparation that goes into this project, but the result is nothing short of beautiful.

If you are looking for a door to paint, we recommend checking out our Fir and Poplar wood doors because they are the most paintable options. However, we use stain-grade wood for all of our doors, meaning any wood option can be stained or painted.

  1. Before priming, staining, or painting your door, make sure that it fits and can be installed properly, then finish it however you like. Remember to finish your door within 15 days of receipt to prevent warpage/splitting.
  2. If you decide to paint your wood screen door, use at least one coat of a quality enamel Primer first, wait until it dries, then add your coat(s) of paint. Make sure that your paint is either oil or water-based exterior enamel paint for the most long-lasting results. Remember: all edges must be sealed or painted top and bottom.
  3. After reassuring an even coverage of paint to your door, reinstall your decorative panels, hardware, and last but not least, make sure you enjoy your new screen door!

Here are some of our favorite customer photos of their painted screen doors: