Montana Lifestyle: Living it Up on the Slopes

“What the hell is a bomb-cyclone?” Reid asked when I walked through the door one morning. While the media created a fancy term for it, here in Montana it is simply another snowfall, or “powder day” as the ski community calls it. Living in Whitefish comes with many perks, one of which is having world-class skiing just 15 minutes away from our office here at Montana Screen Doors. 

When we are not in the office or workshop, you can find us on the mountain; sometimes bright and early on a Saturday to catch the first chair up the mountain with the hopes of being the first person to ride down the silky smooth white blanket of snow. Before moving to Whitefish, we would vacation here several times a year and spend all of our time during the winter months on the mountain. While we are busy with the business, it is nice to be able to go up any given weekend without the pressure of only having a week to ski each year.

Skiing is an incredible sport that is not only a fun way to enjoy the chilly temperatures, but it is also one hell of a workout. While your legs start getting sore after a full morning of carving down the mountain, the beautiful views from the summit help you quickly forget about any discomfort. At the top of the mountain, you can replenish with a large burrito and a Wheatfish (the greatest craft beer to ever exist) and take in views of Glacier National Park.

The next time you find yourself in Whitefish, MT in the winter, rent a pair of skis, grab some buddies, and head up the mountain. As scary as a “bomb-cyclone” may sound, it just makes the skiing even better!